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We are a Pro Bono Consulting group aspiring to be a valuable resource for our socially responsible clients by providing high quality consulting services and making a social impact, thereby building strong and lasting client relationships 


We believe in creating legacy of excellence and social responsibility that develops a team of student consultants budding into exceptional business leaders. We are an inclusive and value driven group empowered to do work that makes a difference in the society . 

Why HCG estd

Our Problem Solving Process



Meeting the client to fully understand their needs, 

requirements and expectations.


Defining the objective(s) and making of tentative internal timeline along with checkpoints. 


Estimation and allocation of resources to the concerned project team.


Execution of activities desired by the client in the tentative duration.


Check-in with clients after 4-6 weeks (variable) and compare progress with set parameters,and suggest changes
if required.

 Founder's Vision 

HCG (established in the year 2019) is a home-grown consulting society in Delhi University that is a pioneer in bridging the underlying opportunity gap between the startup and college circuit. 


There are 9000+ startups and NFPs in Delhi-NCR, running thin on cash-flow which cannot afford high-end management consulting assistance and at the same time need fresh young energy to stimulate their future roadmap. 


On the other hand, there are college students looking for real-world consulting opportunities going hand-in-hand with their semester academics to nurture themselves for the workplace, explore different sectors, cultivate career-oriented skills and get more experience in research and social development. 


What pushed me more to pursue this initiative was the fact that in Hindu College, the major recruiters were consulting firms and it boasts of a diverse crowd of students with backgrounds ranging from commerce and economics to philosophy, physics, and political science. I was keen on building a nexus where I could not only tie these threads together but also engage students in creating tangible impact extending beyond the regular society culture of weekly meetings, social media management, and annual events.                                                                                                                                        

Founder of HCG

 ~ Keshav Saraf (Founder, HCG)

Project Cycle

Our projects will run concurrently with the university semester with teams completing projects while participating in our comprehensive training program under mentorship from industry experts. According to the requirement, the timeline may vary from the projected project cycle.

Week 1-2

Clients acquired by the HCG Team after crucial introspection and scrutinisation

Preliminary meeting with the client to ascertain needs; requirements and expectations; defining objectives.

Week 3-4

Week 5-8

Execution of desired activities within a particular time-frame.

Client Feedback to compare progress with set parameters and collect contributions.

Week 8-9

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