We are looking for projects falling under our three verticals - business planning, strategic marketing and social development. NGOs and start-ups, along with incubation cells and co-working spaces are our targeted clients. We would be willing to provide assistance with data analysis, strategy development, marketing and social awareness initiatives, depending on the project.

Projects are taken up by 4 - 5 consultants, with each team having a team leader, who will be in direct contact with you, every step of the way. The projects last for 8-10 weeks during our university’s current academic year, 2020-21.


Our terms and conditions


Hindu Consulting Group is an independent unit established under the discretion of  Principal of Hindu College and recognises itself as a pro-bono consulting unit. 


Our duration of services could tentatively range between 2-3 months depending on  the nature, scale and complexity of the project. 


All nuances of the project must be communicated to the project director and agreed to  in advance. 


Our deliverable may contain elements of discretion and are applicable for feedback  from the client. 


The students expect a Letter of Recommendation as an accreditation for their services  at the end of knowledge transfer to the client. 


We believe in forging long-term relationships with our client post the completion of  the project.

Designing Pitch-decks

One of our main services include designing aesthetic and self-explanatory pitch decks appealing  to the clients as well as investors that can help their process of securing seed-funding easier. 

Constructing Financial Projections

Applying guesstimates through cost-revenue structure of the start-up to analyse the time structure  within which the firm can break-even and start earning profits. 

Business Planning

Based on the collected data, we would be evaluating geographical and operational andexpansion  possibilities and cost-efficientalternatives 

Strategic Marketing

Help organisations define their brand strategy by refining their vision, goals and value proposition  and guiding them to improve public relations and get good yet affordable online publicity.

Market Research

Identify a specific market and research on it to perform competitor and consumer analysis using  appropriate statistical tools to make insightful conclusions. 

Social Development

The firm engages our consultants in volunteer-ship opportunities with the main objective to fill the  opportunity-gap of our socially conscious clients.



Bahri Paper Industries are manufacturers based in New Delhi, who has collaborated with US, UK and European companies in setting up production limes for them. We drafted a pitch deck, strategizing perfect market plans for their entry in India market specifically, via Amazon. 


EiCash is one of the largest growing start- ups in the field of Anti-Counterfeiting and blockchain where we worked on formulating market- research reports, business plan, marketing strategies and data analysis. 


Kineer is a water-packaging start- up doing a tremendous work in employing transgenders and providing a livelihood.It is incubated by IIM Ahmedabad where we managed the social media by putting out researched articles and infographics for the community of Kineer.


Haldivita is a FMCG nutraceutical start-up incubated by IIM Kashipur. We worked with Mr. Sameer Gupta who is the co- founder, in financial analysis, market research, sales and marketing and compliance profiles. 


Teach For India (TFI) is a non-profit organisation that is a part of the Teach For All network, striving to end educational inequality in India by appointing fellows as full-time teachers in under- resourced schools. We worked with the Recruitment Team where we helped TFI determine its engagement on the campus and ideated engagement strategies to scale up their fellowship recruitments.  


Navjyoti India Foundation is a not- for-profit society Registered by 16 police officers of Delhi Police and  conceived by Dr. Kiran Bedi and her team of North district police with the aim of crime prevention through welfare policing. We structured a baseline assessment by surveying the Navjyoti students, staff and the community around by preparing a questionnaire and analyzing it to provide the foundation a guide for the effective delivery of future initiatives. 


Widhya is a Tech Educational Start-up aimed at bridging the gap between industries and the students by providing them exposure to live projects. We were responsible for conducting competitor analysis, price analysis, through market research and devising and recommending new business strategies and revenue ideas for increasing its reach and customer base along with designing a detailed and consolidated pitch deck for the client. 

El diablo is a unique sauce startup that has established its presence PAN india via online marketplace and is also increasing its reach to overseas borders. HCG was involved in finding new avenues for expansion, ideating marketing strategies, identifying market trends, optimising marketing initiatives and consolidating information into actionable items and presentations. 


Magic Wheels vans are custom designed 24/7 running vehicles that follow a standard operating process to maintain food safety regulations before collecting the food and also at the time of serving meals to the beneficiaries. We created clusters in Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai consisting of food-procurement locations, storage and hunger point especially capitalising on the wedding plans.


Katha is a registered non- profit and non-governmental organization based in Delhi that works in the field of community development, children welfare, education and literature establishing 96 schools in Delhi and giving 7000 under privileged children access to education. We were responsible for making a name for Katha in DU Circuit by establishing book-reading sessions, book stalls, seminars, critic reviews and forming collaborations with the literary and drama societies.


We are committed to creating change that matters

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