Our Mission

We aspire to form a network on linked in platform among the consulting clubs working in universities or colleges in India. This network will serve as the platform where
different consulting clubs can publicize their events, share knowledge resources- case studies, guesstimates, discuss profile-building tips, expand their linked-in network and much more. The group will be incremental in following-

  • Productive and informed discussions on topics related to management consulting and sharing comprehensive insights into the recent updates, key trends and changes.

  • Conducting surveys/ research projects with other colleges.

  • Working on case studies, and guesstimates either in groups or individually.

  • Feedback from our peers on Resume and Cover letters.

  • Inter-college networking with seniors and peers and marketing of organized events

  • Polls to enquire about the initiatives.

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Our Initial Partners

Consulting and Entrepreneurship Club, IIM Raipur

Strategy and Consulting Club,
IIM Amristar


IIM Bodh Gaya



DTU Consulting Group,


Consulting and Analytics Club,

IIT Guwahati

BITS Hyderabad Consulting Group,

BITS Hyderabad

BITS Pilani Consulting Group,

BITS Pilani

The Consulting Club,

Dyal Singh College

Kautilya ConsultClub,


Shri Ram Consulting and Research Centre,

BITS Hyderabad

Ramjas Consulting Society,

Ramjas College

Code of Conduct


We are committed to creating change that matters

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