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It is true that learning never stops and that hurdles do not deter the spirit of academia- which is relentlessly working all around the world to find solutions to emerge stronger from problems. We, at Hindu Consulting Group believe in this spirit. 


We are interested in organizing webinars related to consulting, business, finance, economics, among many other fields. Interested firms or individuals with expertise in a given field are invited to provide valuable knowledge to

our budding consultants in the form of campus engagement programs, professional development seminars, industry networking meetings, live mentorships and projects through professional and organizational advice.

Business Meeting


Mr. Anurabh Utkarsh

McKinsey | IIM C | SRCC


Mr. Aviral Gupta

EY | Ex - PwC | Business Consulting 

Mr. Kunal Suraiya

Tyke | Ex - McKinsey | IIM C | CA

Mr. Rishabh Jain

McKinsey | Ex - ZS | Ex - EY

Ms. Shrashti Jain

MDI Gurgaon | Ex - ZS | SRCC

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WhatsApp Image 2021-03-02 at 3.05.08 PM.

Mr. Atul Gupta

Teacher - In - Charge, HCG

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