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Keshav Saraf

Founder and President

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Vidhi Bhalla

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''HCG has not just given us an year full of learnings, opportunities, challenges and experiences, rather it has helped us explore corporate world, dealing with clients and working on the interesting and insightful projects.''


Sneha Mathur

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''One finds interesting opportunities to explore and great people to work with and learn from at HCG. Gaining exposure here and being a part of the unique projects is truly a valuable experience.''


Pranav Jha

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''HCG provides you with a space where you can learn and work on your own. HCG has achieved a lot in its first year and as it enters into second year, I am thrilled to work with the team to help it achieve it greater heights.'' 

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Vaibhav Jakhar

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''HCG made it possible for me to work on internships side by side with college academics and provided me exposure to an industry learning experience with clients on consulting, it made me a team player.''

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Rishika Titiyal

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''A good time meeting and working with great minds. Learning about multiple projects from scratch hence offering unique insights into corporate sector is an invaluable experience.''

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Shreshtha Gupta

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''HCG has given me the exposure I was looking for. it is a very rewarding experience to be a part of a society that focusses on growth. I am glad that I have this opportunity to contribute to its success in the coming year.''


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